Besides being a productive academic and mother in a dual-career couple, Claire has more than 9 years experience working with new writers and has led professional workshops and writing groups. She also maintains a blog that focuses on professional development issues for academics.

She is passionate about helping academics improve their work-life balance through improving, enjoying, and streamlining their craft. Contact her to begin taking steps to cultivating balance.

“At a recent conference, I attended a session that Claire led on Using Theory to Write Compelling, Publishable, Non-boring Manuscripts. It was one of the best sessions I attended the entire week. We were given the opportunity for hands-on practice where Claire helped us slow down our writing process and receive feedback from her and other scholars in attendance. In addition to focusing on the use of theory, Claire provided valuable insight into how she goes about developing and working with her own writing groups, including both graduate students and colleagues, to increase their productivity and the quality of their writing. Both junior faculty, such as myself, and more experienced scholars in the session walked away with new techniques and insights to improve their writing process.”
-Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Research University